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I’m still a novice at blogging so I’m trying different formats. This one will be a brief description followed by the photos. Over the Christmas holidays I intend to apply myself to finding out how best to set it out and reach more people. If you have any advice or ideas, please let me know …

Today promised to be dry, if cold and off we went to the Canopy Market, situated between Waitrose and St Martin’s School of Art (in Handyside Square) off Granary Square, KX. It is a  small regular monthly market with interesting high quality artisan foods, hand crafted gifts and street food/drinks and at 11.00 it was very quiet. From there we walked down to Kings Cross Road and a bus to the Angel to pick up Regents Canal along which we walked to Broadway Market in Hackney. Although similar in the range of goods on offer, in contrast to the Canopy Market which is in its infancy, Broadway is well established, busy and bustling. Also, running the length of the street at right angles to the canal to London Fields, it is flanked on both sides by an eclectic mix of shops, cafes and bars.




The most beautiful, gleaming patisserie at the Canopy Market. Their website: will be well worth a look when it’s up and running in the next few days.


Interesting blue plaque above the entrance to Housmans bookshop ( at the bottom end of Caledonian Road, not noticed before.



A potted history of Regents Canal … with reflections



A wisteria succumbing to training after a struggle



You probably already know, but apparently geese raise their feet as a way of regulating their temperature.


Pleasing arches


Mother and daughter, at least I’d like to think so. When we first saw the little one she was practising her stalking skills on a coot, but as soon as a dog came too close, the mother hissed and they both retreated to the safety of the boat. This pattern of them venturing on to the towpath then retreating seemed to work well for them.



Not sure whether these offerings are in celebration or remembrance … any ideas?



“The common cormorant (or shag) lays eggs inside a paper bag …” First lines of a poem by Christopher Isherwood, always makes me smile.





A thriving traditional eatery at the south end of Broadway Market.