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Last year (late 2019) we filled in one of the gaps in our walks along the Thames through London. Through Fulham quite a long section of the river path is blocked off by extensive redevelopment, but we were able to get back on just before Chelsea Harbour. Looking south across the river is St Mary’s Church, according to the blog ‘Know Your London’ the origins of the church date back to AD 800 and was first mentioned in the Doomsday Book in 1086. The current church was built in the late1770s and is unusual being sited so close to the river. William Blake was married there in 1782 and there is a stained glass tribute to the botanist and entomologist William Curtis who died nearby in 1799. Another famous visitor was JMW Turner who, it is claimed, painted views of the Thames from the vestry window. See more history at:

At Chelsea Creek the path turns away from the river to give a first view of the magnificent Chelsea Power Station, now the centre of a massive redevelopment called Chelsea Waterfront promising the ubiquitous mix of apartments, shops, restaurants and bars. The power station was built between 1902-4 and opened in early 1905 to provide power to the London Underground until it closed in 2002. For lots of excellent pictures of the inside of the
building during its heyday and much more information search ‘Lots Road Power Station’ at: