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The spiral stairs ascend from wide, low wooden steps, then narrow stone steps then a narrow metal spiral!

One way or another, Mike and I often pass or cross the Millennium Bridge and think that the top of St Paul’s Cathedral would be the best place to take a picture across the bridge from. Now I have! We didn’t get there as early as we’d planned to beat the crowds and the price, even for ‘senior citizens’, caused a sharp intake of breath, but it was worth it. The inside of the Cathedral is breath taking with so much to gaze and marvel at in every direction, you could wander around for hours. As well as the main body of St Pauls with its spectacular ceiling and dome, it’s well worth going down in to the crypt where you’ll find the Artist’s Chapel and memorials to many famous figures through history including Sir Christopher Wren himself. Then, of course, it would be such a missed opportunity not to take the 528 steps (rising 85 metres) to the Golden Gallery, pausing at 376 steps (52 metres} at the Stone Gallery to marvel at the spectacular views across London. I remember as a child being taken to the Whispering Gallery (not quite as many steps) and being mesmerised by being able to hear someone talking very quietly on the other side of the dome. Sadly it’s closed at the moment for maintenance. For more history or to plan your visit so you don’t miss too much there’s an excellent website:

St Martin’s Church, Ludgate. On the way from the bus stop to St Pauls

From the Golden Gallery down Ludgate Hill and across Ludgate Circus to Fleet Street

Across the Millennium Bridge to Tate Modern


Across the Thames the Oxo Tower – built 1900 originally as a power station, bought in 1920’s by Liebig Extract of Meat Company, makers of Oxo cubes – in the foreground & London Eye in the background.