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Over the past 3 or 4 years a number of our weekend walks have been along the Thames Path through London and we’ve now pretty much finished, from Kingston in the west to Woolwich in the east, over 50 miles! Last weekend we set off to fill in a gap from Putney Bridge to Chelsea Harbour. It was not a great success as a river walk because two lengthy sections of the path are detoured, one permanently by the Hurlingham Club and one for redevelopment either side of Wandsworth Bridge. However, the beginning, at Putney Bridge and the end, at Chelsea Harbour were lovely, under bright blue skies and wispy white clouds. So, for those of you who like to know, we got the tube to Putney Bridge and from where it was a mere hop, skip and a jump to the river, passing the mosaic commemoration to the Oxford and Cambridge boat race ‘The World’s Longest Surviving Sporting Challenge’, since 1829. Mike and I had a bit of a debate about that, but we reckon it probably means continuous, except maybe during the wars. At Putney railway Bridge we followed the detour round the Hurlingham Club, across a very dried up and scrubby sports field and back to the river on Broomhouse Lane past the refurbished ‘Castle Club’, originally founded as a ‘ragged school’ in 1855   At the bottom we had hoped to rejoin the Thames Path, but, although we could get to the river, it was only for a very tantalising glimpse before the hoarding round the massive redevelopment past the end of Wandsworth Bridge as far as a new housing development just before Imperial Park where we could get back to the river side. Under the railway bridge taking trains to and from Clapham Junction and the sight of the beautiful old St Mary’s church on the south bank:  and the magnificent Chelsea power station looming over Chelsea Harbour in the process of being refurbished:

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