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This weekend is Open House in many and diverse properties around London. We picked two to visit today. First we headed to W Plumb at 493, Hornsey Road N19, beautifully preserved examples of a number of architectural styles, including Art Nouveau, in a shop opened as a butchers in c. 1900. A description andĀ its history can be found on the website. If you are anywhere near there tomorrow it’s an unexpected gem in a sadly down at heel area.

From Holloway, via a very good fry up in a greasy spoon on Junction Road, Archway, by bus(es) to Westminster and the Foreign Office. Interesting to get a glimpse at some of the corridors of power, all on a massive scale and very, very, shiny. Reassuring security and although the queue was long, it moved quickly and in such a vast building there was plenty of room for all!

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