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Yesterday we walked a short section of the New River walk which starts in Hertfordshire and finishes near Sadlers Wells Theatre in central London. You can find the history of this 17th century water supply aquaduct (not a river) and maps and a description of each section here: We picked it up at Manor House (top of map 6) where it is a broad, grassy path. Having crossed Seven Sisters Road and rejoined the path on the other side you then come to a side road where there is the option of continuing on the path to your right, or going through the gates to your left in to Woodberry Wetlands which takes you around the East Reservoir. We chose the latter and were very glad we did, finding ourselves in a wildlife wonderland with a history of high rise dwellings ranged along the opposite side. This reservoir is where the water is stored before being piped to Walthamstow to be treated. Leaving the Wetlands just past the very nice cafe, we crossed Lordship Road to the West Reservoir which is now a water sports centre overlooked by a very impressive castle, built in 1855 as a pumping station and now an indoor climbing centre. Our circular route had taken us back to just south of Manor House.