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It used to be rare that we planned our weekend walks much in advance and have only previously been on guided walks around Highgate Cemetery, but yesterday was different. Mike had been looking for the next area we could explore and was researching the area in which he had grown up. It was then that he came across the website for Creekside Discovery Centre ( and details of their monthly low tide walks along Deptford Creek and the Ravensbourne River. Yesterday we left home early and took the train to Deptford (Deep Ford) station, a short walk, right up the high street, left past the Pink Palace, the local tenant’s association, with it’s fabulous mural, left at the Bird’s Nest pub on to Creekside, past art projects and light industry to the Discovery Centre with its beautiful gates.

We received a warm welcome and were directed to where we would find waders and pick up a staff/broom handle (to test the depth of the water/mud ahead and help keep us upright on the uneven riverbed). Thus equipped we set up with our very knowledgeable and entertaining guide, Nick and three friendly and helpful volunteers. Nick took the lead stopping regularly to tell us about the social, economic and ecological history of the area and point out many interesting features. We were also invited to engage in a spot of river-dipping which resulted in crabs, shrimps, tiny baby flounders, leeches … Two hours passed quickly and was time and the £12 a head well spent.