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Today we went to see the ‘Secret Rivers’ exhibition which opened yesterday at the London Museum of Docklands. We got the DLR to Westferry, just a few minutes walk from the museum at West India Docks and I’d taken half a dozen photos en route before I noticed that there was no card in the camera. A detour to buy one, pausing to admire 2 of several statues around Cabot Square and we were good to go. The exhibition was excellent, very informative and well set out. The Londonist thought so too:…/secret-rivers-museum-london-docklan…. offers a good description.
Somehow we’d not been to this museum before and we had a quick look around at the other exhibits. The whole thing is fascinating covering the history of the docks, trade, slavery and seafaring and includes the mummified remains of a cat and a rat! It’s definitely worth a return visit to do it justice.

On the way home we walked to Commercial Road for a bus and passed the Edward Passmore funded Sailor’s Palace, which was renovated in the late 1990s, a ‘VIP’ garage which had certainly seen better days, the vast and beautiful St Anne’s Church, the beautiful, red brick, Art Nouveau Limehouse Church Institute building, now flats, next door and, near Limehouse basin, the imposing Seaman’s Mission, built in the early 1920’s and now apartments. There were also signs of extensive demolition, but some remaining gems, like the Methodist Church entrance and the clock on the East End Maternity Hospital. The bus took a circuitous route: Along Commercial Road, on to Whitechapel High Street and the Whitechapel Gallery (on the left of the photo below), which incorporated the Edward Passmore Library (on the right) in 2009, past the Tower of London and up Fleet Street to Trafalgar Square but we were in no rush!

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