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Now I have no excuse! My blogs for the foreseeable future will be of walks taken before the lockdown, a random dip into my many folders of saved, unused photographs from walks taken over the past 4-ish years. These are from a walk at the beginning of March, before lockdown.

I was keen to take a photo of the iconic ‘Blooms Piano …’ ghost sign next to the Geffrye Museum on Kingsland Road and whilst there, to see if we could catch any glimpse of what delights the redevelopment of the museum and rear gardens would bring when they reopen later in the year. We took the overground train to Dalston Kingsland and headed south, spotting the ‘… Baths’, the palimpsest ‘… Sunday Markets … Gillette … Café …’ and over the bridge across Regents Canal ‘… Cartage Contractors… Proprietors Office …’ ghost signs on the way. We also passed some interesting buildings including ‘Metropolitan House 1886’ the home of the Metropolitan Free Hospital until 1977, subsequently workshops, then a hostel. History here:

Sadly, the work on the Geffrye Museum, now renamed ‘Museum of the Home’ is another victim of the coronavirus, but hopefully it will reopen later this year, watch this space: Taking the first left turn after the museum and first left again along the back of their grounds, it is possible to glimpse through railings and gates just how much work is/was being done. The eventual completion will be something to look forward to! Continuing up Geffrye Street and on the same side of the pedestrianised street it was just possible to piece together the ghost sign reading: ‘Veneers Stanford Trading Co. Importers Sho [for telephone exchange Shoreditch] 5537’ in between the surrounding buildings. We then took a right on to  Pearson Street to St Mary’s Secret Garden, a beautiful community garden and haven where I attended a course, several years ago, to inform my introduction of gardening into the school at which I then taught. Please take a look at their website here: and join me in hoping that it will survive this current period of uncertainty.  

Having walked around the perimeter of the garden we continued to head south, through Haggerston, across Hackney Road and approached Columbia Road market at the opposite end from where we usually do, through a small square buzzing with life, a busker, cafes, a pub and gates leading into yards full of treasures.