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Today I thought I would go and see how many of the ghost signs recorded in and are still there. I got the tube to Clapham North and walked up Clapham High Street where I found the ‘featured image’ above and images 1 – 4 below. At Clapham North tube station I took a left and cut through to Wandsworth Road where I was, almost immediately, treated with the Nestle Milk sign and a little further on, the Redfern rubber mat advert (the top section of which had been covered by an advertising board). I then took a detour to look for the sign that was on Broadhinton Road, but has now gone, took a right down to Clapham Common, right again and again on to Cedars Road. At the far end, almost on the corner of Wandsworth Road/Lavender Hill is the magnificent old stable block, the outside walls of which are covered in layers of ghost signs advertising horses through to motor vehicles. Finally, having turned left at the end towards Clapham Junction station I passed the  weathervane, which seemed to be all that is left of ‘W & Co’, the Commercial Buildings and up the hill past the station, the old Parcel Office.

The pictures below are  of an added bonus. As I was walking down Wandsworth Road/Lavender Hill I was looking up the turnings off (for more ghost signs) and spotted another weathervane, which turned out to be on top of the Battersea reference library. It is a very lovely, Grade II listed building designed by the architect Henry Hyams and built in 1924. Above the door and on a plaque on the wall to the right is the motto taken from the borough of Wandsworth’s coat of arms: ‘Non Mili Non Tibi Sed Nobis’  or ‘Neither for myself nor for yourself but for us’.