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… Through Camden, Hackney and Islington. This was another walk that started on Regents Canal at Kings Cross, but this time we carried on to Hackney and left the tow path at De Beauvoir Road. I must admit that I was not approaching this adventure as optimistically as most and was a little out of sorts, but how wrong I was proved. We found our way between 1960s social housing estates to the wide streets of fine, elegant housing that characterise De Beauvoir Town and is epitomised in the ‘Jacobethan’  style (as defined by John Betjamin) houses on 3 sides of De Beauvoir Square. History of the development of the area here:

Leaving the Square and continuing along Englefield Road which would take us to Essex Road in Islington, we passed An Viet House. It was originally built as public baths in the 1930s but had fallen into disrepair and has been used since the mid-1980’s as a community hub for Vietnamese Boat People.

Having admired many more wide, mostly residential, streets lined with housing in a range of mid 19th century architectural styles and a couple of (firmly closed) large, Victorian pubs, we continued into Islington and turned left down Essex Road. There things are very different, but that is part of my fascination with London and why we so enjoy our expeditions! I realised as we walked and I noticed things that I didn’t remember noticing before that I usually travel north up Essex Road and it reminded me of the importance of always looking around as well as up.

The photographs from the ghost sign before the, sadly delapidated, Art Deco cinema are on and just off Essex Road.