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About Gaynor Daligan

Having spent my teenage years as a volunteer with people with mental health and other issues, in the late 1970’s I moved to Edinburgh to train as a social worker. On completing the course in 1981, I came down to London for my first job. I lived for short periods off Marylebone High Street and in Fulham before moving to Camden Town where I have been ever since.

Over the years I worked in a variety of voluntary sector organisations with single homeless people and people with addictions and in a number of Housing Associations providing supported housing for adults with special needs. During that time I took part in a sponsored free fall parachute jump of 12,000 feet! In my mid-forties, with a young daughter, I took a degree in order to train to be a teacher, initially in a main stream primary school in Hackney. I then worked as a supply teacher in a number of other schools, eventually finding my real interest, teaching children with a range of special educational needs. Along the way I have also worked in a small environmental education organisation and have successfully completed an RHS Diploma in Horticulture.

For some time my husband, Mike, and I have enjoyed going for walks whenever possible, fascinated by old buildings, looking down alleyways and up above street level. Always taking what Robert Frost described as “The road less travelled…”. Mike was originally the photographer and I would spend ages standing around waiting whilst he pursued his interest, endlessly trying to get ‘the perfect shot’. I decided I might as well have a go myself, starting with taking pictures on my phone, then a point and click camera and now a slightly more sophisticated model. I like to think that over time and with practice I have developed an eye for an interesting shot and am improving my technique, helped by enrolling in a digital photography course.

Over the years I have posted descriptions of these walks around London and further afield, illustrated with my photographs. You will find an archive of these as well as my recent posts under ‘Blogs’, the smaller pictures can be enlarged by double-clicking on them. I hope you enjoy what you find, please let me know!