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Amidst all the talk of building bridges not walls a new bridge was opened  this week. Apparently the 41st along the 14km of Regents Canal, linking Granary Square on one side to Camley Street on the other. We took a stroll down there yesterday evening to take a look, along the canal and up the giant steps to the square and the new, beautifully planted walkway.  The walkway passes the front of the refurbished coal office on the canal side and on the right overlooks the construction site of the Coal Drops Yard retail park, with its roof designed by Thomas Heatherwick, and on to the 38m sweep of the bridge. The south end of the bridge is next to Camley Street natural park, a peaceful, green oasis teeming with wildlife and home to a couple of beehives, a stone’s throw from the hubbub of Kings Cross and St Pancras stations and now easily accessible to visitors on both sides of the canal.